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Drymatic II


  • Quiet, Intelligent & Energy-Efficient
  • Heat & Air Exchange to Optimise Drying Conditions
  • Operate in Neutral or Negative Pressure
  • Excels in Class 4 Drying Situations
  • Flexible System with a Range of Attachments
  • 25 kg, Roto-moulded, Stackable
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The right tool for the job

Recirculation Mode – the area is continuously heated up until either a temperature or humidity limit is reached.

Exhaust Mode – Exchanging the warm, humid air with warm, dry replenishment air.

The Drymatic II can cycle between these modes to maximize the amount of water removed from the area.

  • Weight is only 25 kgs
  • Portable, plug into a 10Amp Power Outlet (no gas or diesel required)
  • Stackable Roto-moulded double skinned housing/body
  • Touch-safe Heater Outlet
  • Quick-fix hose connection
  • Wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Significantly reduces the drying life cycles
  • Enhance your Experience with the 7 Port Adaptor Kit – turn your Drymatic II into a Push/Pull cavity drying system!

Which includes 3 x grey hoses, 1 x Foil hose, 4 x roto-moulded screw in connections, 4 x Jubilee clips and a sturdy hose bag

There are two sides to the Drymatic II

The side with the foil heater hose is the Heater Outlet (Heated Air). Next to that is the Room Intake (Air from Drying Chamber)

On the other side of the machine is the Outside Exhaust (Wet Air from Room) and the Outside Intake (Replenishment Air).

There are two distinct modes of operation, Recirculation and Exhaust.

During Recirculation Mode the Drymatic II takes air in from the Room Intake, moves it through the machine to measure Temp and RH and then reheats the air to raise ambient temperature. It stays in this mode for a maximum of two hours or until preset conditions are met.

In Exhaust Mode the Drymatic II takes air in from the Room Intake and purges it straight through the machine to outside via the Outside Exhaust. At the same time the machine takes in replenishment air from an unaffected area (Outside or another room maybe) and heats that air before pushing it in to the drying chamber.

The default cycle is 2 Hours Recirculation (Reheating) and 8 Hours Exhaust (Purging). We are working on firmware to make these timings programmable by the user as sometimes 8 hours Exhaust is overkill. However it’s better to Exhaust too often than not enough!

If you want to put the environment under slightly negative pressure the machine can go in the space being dried and you simply leave off the Outside Intake pipe and let the building space breathe naturally.

There are a number of ways to set the Drymatic II up to suit different situations and the recent launch of further connections expands the range of use further

Additional information

Drymatic II Fact Sheet


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