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Drymatic II Complete Adaptors Kit


Includes all of our Drymatic II adaptors:

  • Injection Drying/Extraction Adaptor Kit
  • Y-Piece Adaptor Kit
  • Exhaust Adaptor Kit


Drymatic II Injection Drying/Extraction Adaptor Kit
Further enhance your Drymatic II experience!
Turn your Drymatic II into a Push/Pull cavity drying system using our 7-Port adaptors and hose kit. Create Positive, Negative or Balanced drying regimes by manipulating the number of connections fitted.

INCLUDED 2 x Drymatic II Multi-port Adaptor 38mm 30m of 38mm Hoses 14 x Hose Cuffs 1 x Carry Bag

Drymatic II Y Piece Adaptor Kit
The Y-piece splitter allows you to split your airflow into separate chambers/rooms from the Drymatic II. This Y-Piece allows you do duct the controlled heated airflow into 2 areas.

INCLUDED Y Piece Adaptor 3 x 5m 150mm Hose 3 x Jubilee Clips 1 x 150mm to 150mm Joiner 1 x Carry Bag

Drymatic II Exhaust Adaptor Kit
The Exhaust Adaptor allows the Drymatic II exhaust outlet to be reduced from 150mm to 100mm which allows you to exhaust your Drymatic II into a downlight, toilet window vent etc.

INCLUDED 1 x 150mm to 100 Reducer Adaptor 2 x Jubilee Clips 1 x 6m of 100mm Hose